This tumblr is all about ruins, places being abandoned, or places being overgrown. Disclaimer: These photos were found on places like Flickr and DeviantArt where sharing was enabled or are reblogged from others. I do not own them.


Ber_Beelitz HeilstattenIMGP7232 by Nouveau Voyages on Flickr.


abandoned house Harvard, Illinois by aces and eights photography on Flickr.

[ blue & orange monster ] by shexbeer on Flickr.

Villa #1 by ilcorvaccio on Flickr.

Urban Decay - HDR by Eric Rousset on Flickr.

Lost Villa R. - Germany by kleiner hobbit on Flickr.

Lost Castle R. - Germany by kleiner hobbit on Flickr.

Quand reviendra-t’il? by teolc eniger on Flickr.

Why? by DavidHR on Flickr.

Columns in HDR on abandoned castle by Boreally on Flickr.

Perelin growin outside of Graógramán’s palace by SnaPsi Сталкер on Flickr.

HDR Tunnel by Barrydw on Flickr.

Abandoned Castle #1 by Nikontento on Flickr.

Asker oddnote: How do you go about finding accessible ruined buildings? Also, do you have any precautions you take when entering one?

For finding accessible places, one really just needs to do research to find one or just randomly stumble across a ruined building. One can even ask around the local place to find if there are any such buildings around.

For precautions, there are a plenty. One should tell someone where they are going in case there is an emergency. Bringing a flashlight, extra batteries, gloves, and water and some food (never know how long one would be exploring but one at the very least should bring some water). Also covering clothes and nothing baggy that could get caught on things. A mask/respirator would also be handy.

Then there’s the whole illegal issue as well. Some places do not care if someone does urban exploration in buildings while others care. Best to find out which it is. Then there are places where it is illegal to explore, but finding the owner and asking permission can get you inside but one would have to follow their rules once inside the building.

A site to get some more information from would be Urban Explorers. It can provide more information than I can since I have no actually done any exploring that was not open to the public and the ones that are, are not completely abandoned.